Short Film
Lexie is a young black dancer who gets the opportunity to have a dance solo for the first time. However, she struggles to find a routine due to her self image. Lexie must learn that even though she can’t do what other dancers do, she is able to do things they can’t.
With the film’s theme of self-acceptance, I created content that highlighted diverse dancers and dance styles from around the world. This content allowed us to reach a wider audience of dancers on Instagram. If followers were interested in learning more, they could click the link in our bio to find links to related articles and videos. Project updates and behind-the-scenes content was posted on Instagram and Facebook as well.
Research and develop social media content ideas
Design and edit social media posts and videos
Engage with followers on Facebook and Instagram
Website and poster design
Additional Notes
Due to my work, the film received the Best Transmedia award at the 2022 Sheridan Screen Arts Awards.